Death Ballet

A post scriptum of anonimo Veneziano.

CLIENT: Internal project


A short film that is an imaginary sequel to Anonimo Veneziano‚ by Carlo Maria Salerno the 1970 movie where love and death engage a sad battle.
Here‚ they dance through memories enlivened by tactile stimulus‚ discovered by hands as they approach tissues and objects from the past. The movie‚ directed by Alessandro Possati‚ takes us along this silent ballet of warm colours and black and white‚ from the present of the mind‚ to the past of the imagination‚ reconciled by the end.A composition of vintage items from Carpe diem (a vintage boutique based in Trieste).


Director: Alessandro Possati

DOP: Maurizio Torresan

Starring: Alessandro Possati - Nika J from Bronz Models‚ Ljublijana

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