Soeurs du Jardin

Inspired to Ingmar Bergman's Persona and winner of the 3rd Award at the Fashion Video Festival 2012 in Budapest.

CLIENT: Internal project


Shot in a 500's villa‚ director Alessandro Possati conceived it as a story of no communication.Jardin is inspired by Ingmar Bergman’s Persona‚ up to the point that the lines are delivers in Swedish.Two sisters of different ages and inclinations are furthermore drawn apart by a disputed love‚ confined in a beautiful garden‚ which ultimately owns them. Their persona are projected through delicate or stronger vintage apparel‚ as if it were the primary source of their self- affirmation. Winner of the 3rd Award at Fashion Video Festival 2012 in Budapest‚ styling offered by the collaboration with the vintage collector Franco Jacassi and Cavalli & Nastri Boutique.


Director & writer: Alessandro Possati

Music: John Greswell and Christopher Taylor

Clothes: Scarpe Cao Villa‚ Lara Bohinc Gioielli‚ Alberto Nardi Gioielli

Location: VILLA F

DOP: Senio Zaprauder

Hair stylist‚ make-up: Eleonora Cardi

Cast: Blonde Model @ Beatrice Models‚ Dark Model @ Elite Milano

Line producer: Michele G. Biondi

Editing and Color Correction: Sergio Menescardi

Special Thanks: Cavalli & Nastri Vintage‚ Jacassi Vintage

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