Prison Nacrèe

Fellini inspired short film for Purple Magazine‚ France.

CLIENT: Purple Magazine


A video conceived in a reverie of Alice in wonderland and Federico Fellini‚ where fashion acts as dream enabler‚ as a dream in the dream itself.
Two women moves in a tea party that soon takes the random appearance of a carnival‚ where everything is suddenly possible‚ where reality is lost in carousels‚ where the camera is a merry-go-round that twirls and travels‚ leaving the normal truth behind to follow its new indisputable one.


Produced by Collateral Films

Executive Producers: Guido Cella Sebastiano Jodice

Producers: Alessandra Sutto‚ Caterina Colombo

Art Director: Alessandro Possati

Director: Aurelien Petit‚ Alessandro Possati

DOP: Maxime Gilier

Editor: Elena Petitti di Roreto

Models: Alexandra Madar‚ Frida Lindberg @ 2morrow Agency‚ Milano. Zsofia Papp.

Fashion Editor: Linda Calugi

MUA: Diana De Vita

Fashion Credits: Jo No Fui‚ La Perla‚ Vintage Delirium by Franco Jacassi‚ Gianluca Soldini‚ Guido Pasquali‚ Schield‚ Avaro Figlio‚ Issa London‚ Rafael Lopez‚ Valentino‚ Cristiano Burani‚ Augustin Teboul

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